Loop Chrome extension

April 2, 2012 - chrome extension api, youtube api, localstorage, javascript

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Play your favorite videos over and over again with Loop, a playlist for YouTube videos. With Loop you can put your favorite YouTube videos in a playlist just like you do on your iPod. Just press play to start the playlist and continue with your work. Don’t worry about opening new tabs to cue new videos, Loop automatically jumps to the next song.

Loop - A YouTube playlist for Chrome

If you’re like me and love to hear your favorite songs on youtube everytime you’re on your computer then Loop is something for you. You can use it to make a music playlist, to keep a list of your favorite videos or just to control your youtube videos from anywhere in your browser.

To get started just follow these three simple guidelines:

  1. Go to youtube.com
  2. Find one of your favorite videos
  3. Add it to your playlist

Have a good time with Loop!